Hotfix update 09.06.2020.

-Fixed trans pet HP
-Fixed respawn time of mobs in Job Cave
-Fixed stats bugged SoS Head parts
-Fix to fgw, removed drops from other uniques now only last unique will drop the following:
    FGW drops 1-2 Magic pops from last unique only.
-All magic pops form daily quests are removed, and replaced with Eryx Box
-Pacheon passive Str and Int decreased from 8 to 5

CHANGELOG 09.06.2020.

-Fixed stats on SoS items
-Added the missing Arabian accessory
-Nerfed SnD Mobs
-Removed all vigor potions from monster drops
-Added 1 magic pop and 1 Eryx box to drop from SnD
-Changed NITRO BOOSTER to Nitro Booster Title
-Eryx has now a 70% chance of dropping a SoS Item
-Job Uniques now have a 40% chance of dropping a SoS Item
-Job Uniques HP got lowered by 15%
-Demon Shaitan now has a 35% chance of dropping a SoS Item
-Lord Yarkan now has a 35% chance of dropping a SoS Item
-Fixed a bug where only 1 player would receive all Magic POPS
-Decreased the HP of Transport Pets
-Wanted buff shows now the proper icon
-Slightly increased SoS drop rate
-Survival limit of 5 Silver Coins has beeen increased to 30 Silver Coins
-Capture the Flag now gives 1 Silver Coin for each kill
-Battle Arena now gives 10 Silver Coins for the Winner and 2 Silver Coins for losers
-Fixed the visual bug with weapons
-Created 2000 new questions for Trivia and enabled Trivia
-Trivia questions will now appear in Green Color
-Eryx window will now show only Global Limit(in comming weeks you can expect a specialized window for Eryx Points and Timers)
-Fixed Eryx Unique giving only 2 Honor Points, it will now grant 20 Honor Points
-Added Asura Cut Blade to Bicheon and equalized it stats with Dragon Sore Blade
-Pacheon Passive:
*Critical Increase has been lowered from 6 to 3
*Attack rate has been lowered from 45 to 33
-Removed Lighning Bird Spear Skill
-Lowered the Stun rate of Soul Spear - Soul from 30% to 15%
-Added Critical Increase 3 to Flying Dragon - Bless
-Removed visuals and disabled the effect of item switchers in Survival Arena
-You can teleport only 3 times(Ferries) before getting a teleport cooldown in job mode
-Forgotten World Changes:
Flame Adjutant Honghaea drops 1 Magic Pop and 1 Eryx Box
Flame Captain drops 1 Magic Pop and 1 Eryx Box
Flame Cow King drops 1 Magic Pop and 1 Eryx Box
Flame Adjutant Honghaea drops 2 Magic Pop and 2 Eryx Box
Flame Captain drops 2 Magic Pop and 2 Eryx Box
Flame Cow King drops 2 Magic Pop and 2 Eryx Box
Flame Adjutant Honghaea drops 3 Magic Pop and 3 Eryx Box
Flame Captain drops 3 Magic Pop and 3 Eryx Box
Flame Cow King drops 3 Magic Pop and 3 Eryx Box
Flame Adjutant Honghaea drops 4 Magic Pop and 4 Eryx Box
Flame Captain drops 4 Magic Pop and 4 Eryx Box
Flame Cow King drops 4 Magic Pop and 4 Eryx Box
-Added 4 Daily Quests in Job Temple they are located at Eryx Gears NPC
1. Kill 300 Devil Sandman -> 3 Magic POP
2. Kill 300 Sopdu -> 1 Eryx Box
2. Kill 300 Blood Khepri -> 3 Magic POP
2. Kill 300 Priest of Punishment -> 1 Eryx Box
-Updated glows:
-Antinoke are level 74 now
-Antelope are level 75 now
-Start items have been updated to:
-600 000 skill points
-5 000 HP & 5 000 MP X-Large
*All chars which are under level 79 have received 200 000 skill points.
+ Eryx Points limit upgrade and Honor Points reset from now on will be executed every Tuesday at the Update.
+ Daily Quests are at Eryx Gear Shop
+ Forgotten World Quest is at Eryx Gear Shop

CHANGELOG 02.06.2020.

1. Added Premium remover
2. Removed Bot command for removing exp helper hand
3. Bow passive requires now an Bow to be equipped in order to take effect
4. Elixir stack bug fixed - Stack 1k
5. Exchange Window fixed
6. Increased the spawn rate of All Niya in Taklamakan
7. Santa Avatar and Hat has now the correct Magic Count 4
8. Applied a patch for a visual bug, a rare case when you equip an non-equippable item
9. All imbues share now a cooldown & duration of 18 seconds
10. Eryx Killer Visual duration bug fixed
11. Fixed the visual bug for Wingtribes not showing the correct level
12. Avatar received from Eryx Box is now tradable
13. Vigors are removed from mob drops
14. Lottery has been enabled, you can find tickets in Eryx Shop
15. Increased EXP rate from 20x to 40x
16. Enabled Forgotten World, Dimension Holes available at Eryx Shop
17. Enabled 4th tab in Eryx Shop containing items purchasable by gold
18. Daddy Title fixed to be Red instead of Black
19. Enabled Last Man Standing Event
20. Enabled Search and Destroy Event
21. Disable Trivia until the questions are reworked
22. Snow Shield bot recast bug, while skill should be under cooldown, fix applied
23. Removed Swear filter
24. Fixed missing Fear status on last level Devil Arrow Skill
25. Added Daily and Weekly limit to Eryx Window
26. Streamer title color set to correct color
We advise you to relog after every 2-3 trades/thefts completed
Seal of Star - Tradeable Sox gear slightly stronger than the normal gear, earned from drops and high level Uniques,
Blood of Eryx weapons - Tradeable weapon stronger than SoS, weaker than SoM and earned from Eryx & FGW.
Seal of Moon - Gear and weapons stronger than any other, purchasable through jobbing points(Eryx Points) and PvP event coins. PvP event coins(Silver Coins) are obtainable through CTF, BA and Survival Arena. Together with Jobbing, this make up the gear system implemented.
    Job Temple has a higher drop rate for SoS, Elixirs and Stones.