These rules are subject to change at any moment without any further notice. Rules can be differently used by admin/owner if seen reasonable but have to still discussed with the staff members before the decision. Some cases require more/less punishment and it's something agreed on. Not reading these rules is not an excuse!
Refunds can't be done, because it’s an Virtual Currency in game and it’s not needed to be used or even bought, the game is completely free.
It is your responsibility to remain updated on our terms of use & rules!
We take no responsibility for lost* items or accounts!
We are not refunding or replacing items which you bought!
We may delete any item without notice whenever we think it is justified to do so!
We do permit multi clienting here, however we ask you not to use it in Battle Arena or CTF, otherwise we will take action as if it is cheating!
Regulating the relations between the players is not one of our responsibilities such as religion, politics, racism & swearing and all kind of polemic points.

Actions which shouldn’t be done otherwise penalties will be applied:

  • Abusing a bug,
  • Posting Inappropriate links/sites,
  • Using any kind of hack which gives you an advantage in game over others like 3rd party programs,
  • Advertising other p-servers,
  • Ignoring GM/Admin requests,
  • Disrespecting/Swearing at GMs/admins, This includes swearing/cursing directly or indirectly to a gm, accusing without proof/claiming corruption,
  • Impersonating a GM/Admin or making a character that has the same name as a GM/Admin,
  • Fake report on hacking/scamming,
  • Posting screenshots that are edited or being caught purposely trying to get someone banned on a false account,
  • Cheating in any kind of events like CTF, BA, FW etc.
  • Selling Accounts, Items, Gold, Characters and anything else will result in an permanent ban.
  • Trading Accounts, Items, Gold, Characters and anything else outside the server will result in an permanent ban.(example: trading items from a different server)
  • Multi account.

  • *Note: Lost means destroyed, deleted, blocked, cannot access account etc..