[Game Update]
-Fixes to the previous update

-FW Time Sunday 19:00 UTC

[Game Update]
-HP/MP scrolls completely removed
-HWT added
-10% dmg increase scrolls removed
-Survival arena timming added (check event schedule for more info)
-Job temple mobs HP reduced
-Fixed the issue with our Download server, causing really slow download speeds
[Game Update]
-EXP rates are slightly increased
-Disabled Jangan and DW trader shops, in order to prevent phBot script now only special trade route is available(one more route will be added soon)
-Holly water temple added. Uniques drop: Sos 50%, Eryx boxes, silk items, SILVER coins
-Survival arena added
-Eryx unique new drops (1x SOS, 3 Eryx Boxes, immortals, astrals, globals, reverses,random dress)
-Karkadan and Khlooud spawns are fixed and their hp is reduced
-Eryx hall entrance fixed
-Fixed Kill the gm event notice
-Fixed thief town teleport
-Fixed Arabian coast sos drop rate
-Honnor system fixed
-Eryx Slayer quest fixed
-CTF BA time and switch problems fixed
-Job quests are added
-Windows XP SP3 users should be able to start the client now
[Game Update]
-Medusa uniques nerfed
-NPC thief spawn increased
-Eryx unique dmg and hp increased
-Removed Dimmension pillars
-Arabian coast spawn increased
-Khlooud and Karkadann Arabian uniques drop fixed (3x sos,silk items, 5 eryx boxes)

-Elixir drop rate 78-80 mobs is reduced (Job temple has high rate stones and elixirs)
[Game update]
-Fixed Str uniques Drops and increased their DMG.
-Increased Arabia Coast Spawns.
-Increased NPC Thieves spawn rate.
-Union chat chat limit fixed.
-FW time is moved to 18:00 UTC (Jangan and Bandit FWs are disabled for now)
-Eryx special teleport is located in hotan

About rates:
-Increased last tear items drop.(76-80)
-Increased gold drop rate.
-Decreased Elixirs Drop rate.(76-80)

Rates by areas:
-Arabian coast has the highest SOS drop rate
-Job temple has the highest stones/elixirs drop rate
-B1 abyss room has the highest SP and items rate