13. February 2017.


Dear players of Eryx Online,

The day has come to put our journey to an end, and it is the 20th February. We will be shutting down our server due to inactivity and insufficient number of players. We would like to thank you for staying loyal and for your consistent support. It was hell of a journey, perhaps not the length we and everyone else wanted it to be but nevertheless it was filled with compelling moments and we are glad you once again joined us.

Every server we had was determined by something, and this one was a great success in terms of the server stability and activity. We are happy to have provided you with great uptime and many improvements we have worked on before the opening. We are thankful that you have chosen Eryx Online for your leisure time and we hope you had the best of times with us. Your continuous support was the key for our server growth and we greatly appreciate it. We are also inviting you to stay up to date with our official social media and follow our projects and updates.

Closing date 21.02.2017. 00:00

Eryx Online Team

 4. January 2017.

Update v1.059

[Game Update]
-Removed Special Trade Route
-Elixir/stone drop rare increased
-Trader profits are doubled(Gold Coins and Gold)
-Fortress war moved to Sunday
-Roc moved to 20:00 Saturday

 28. December 2016.

Fortress moving

Dear players of Eryx Online,
Considering the New Year's Eve will be on Saturday, we are moving the Fortress war to Friday, the 30th December. We are sorry for any inconveniences caused. Thank you for your patience, Happy Holidays!
Eryx Team

 27. December 2016.

Update v1.058

[Game Update]
-FW is moved this week to Saturday 19:00
-Roc is moved this week to 21:00 Server time
-Added FGW 3* and 4* Dimension Holes in Seal of Eryx Shop
Fire flower - Untradable
Horned cattle - Untradable
Flame of oblivion - Untradable
Flame paper - Untradable
Hearthstone flame - Untradable
Enchantress necklace - Untradable
Honghaeah armor - Tradable
Fire dragon sword - Tradable

 25. December 2016.

Changes FW and Safe Trade

Dear Player,

FW Register time is closing at 18:30 server time(30min before the war)

Safe trade route is limited to 1x and 1*